“I believe in such things as intrinsic beauty and value, and that which possesses most, is often cloaked unseemly.”
Cameron O'Keefe
Artist, Designer, Developer


Commission work in traditional mediums, including graphite, charcoal, airbrush, pastel, acrylic, and oils.


Graphic design services, such as logos, signage,  print ads, packaging, and layout. As well as video editing/animation.


Frontend website, application, and email development. Fluent in HTML, CSS, JS,  WordPress, and  various frameworks/CLIs.

Pricing Info

Portrait Commissions

* Prices and sizes are estimates, and may vary by subject, frame, and medium. For group portraits, add 20% per each additional subject. 

Sculpture Castings

* Casted in high-strength plaster. Prices do not include shipping. 

Currently working on material for student classes. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you posted.